experience too
many headaches
in e→commerce.
We’re the most Founder-Centric accelerator that integrates product & website design, mentorship, e-commerce launch, and ongoing support.
Every business starts with you, The Founder. But every Founder needs a team.
We’re the team that lets you launch new products, scale beyond seven figures, and reach new markets.
So what do you get?
Kick Off With
Our Onboarding Mentorship.

Whether you’re launching a new product or trying to scale an existing one, we’ll start by getting You prepared for an increasing volume of sales.


Get your product

We run a market research sprint designed specifically to test ideas before investing into them. It’s what unicorn startups use to innovate, and we’ve adapted it to e-commerce.


Industries usually settle for a 2% conversion rate. We get our Founders up to 7-10% within 4 months of testing.


Get branded.
Get packaged.
Get a website that converts visitors into buyers.
Already got these?

We’ll test them, test again, and adjust for
converting traffic into $$$.

Increasing Revenue & Profits

We run your e-commerce ads across major platforms. We produce their content, too — both photo & video.

Tasty ad creatives & copywriting
Influencers that move mountains
Email marketing that prints $$$
Lean on the experience of like-minded Founders who are scaling with us just like You.
→ Group workshops
→ Founders’ coffee
→ Open Q&A
Mentorship By Experts
Relieve all growing pains with the brightest network of mentors that coach you 1-on-1.
New Market Reach
Our team gets your product where it’s most desired. We’ll scale in Europe, the U.S., UK, Australia, Canada, and sometimes even beyond.
& Growth
When we’re extending physical presence, You can rely on us to help you get to the UAE, somewhere in the U.S., Europe, SAR, and all the way to The North Pole, where polar bears will be your first customers.
5% conversion rate on bad days. Up to 10% on good ones.
Branded, packaged and launched in 30 days. $45,000 generated within 2 months.
Sounds wow. Doesn’t it?
Because we’re here to
accelerate you not just run
ads for you.
Here’s a quick recap of what we do for you:
It pays to know the face behind the brand.
Are we affordable?
We think we’ll work
it out. Let’s chat.

Meet us over an e-coffee

Meet our mentors.
Anastasia Kuskova
Sustainability & Impact
Anastasia is an international sustainability and organisational transformation leader with extensive practical experience of managing and empowering teams to foster change and innovation. Having led ESG-focused initiatives for the World Economic Forum, Singular Group, and Eurasian Resources Group, she’s also advocated for diversity and female leadership by contributing to Forbes. Anastasia will provide a chance for founders to adapt their business model with the values of sustainable development and impact in mind.
Tambo Silavwe
Effective Communication & Leadership
Having worked with the likes of KPMG, Hitachi, Microsoft in delivering story-telling programs and top London based accelerators in the startup scene including Techstars, Collidar, Barclays powered by Techstars, Oxygen and Microsoft Ventures, Tambo will delve into the intricacies of communicating and getting your message across to achieve your goals.
Max Barbour
Sales Strategy
Max has lived and breathed sales for over 20 years and successfully sold products and services into many of the UK’s largest organisations. In the 1-to-1 sessions, Max will talk to founders about the right mindset in sales, motivation, confidence, and employee engagement to position you for success. Successful sales strategy will be a key attribute for founders - both for instant effect and towards long-term success.
Funke Oham
Human Resources
Funke, as an experienced leader, speaker, coach, mentor and social entrepreneur, has championed the values of inclusiveness and diversity throughout her career. Having created transformational communities and social enterprises to promote collaboration of women in business, she has been awarded multiple international awards. Advising on hiring and recruitment strategy, she helps our founders reach both efficiency and impact in their teams.
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